Catherine Castle 1810 – 1887

by Wayne Piotr Cronin-Wojdat.

“In loving memory of Catherine Castle, 28 years mistress of Berse Drelincourt School, who died October 26th 1887, aged 77 years…this stone is erected by friends and scholars.”

Wrexham also saw people coming to live in it from lands beyond these shores. Catherine Castle was a British Subject born in Malta in about 1810.  On arriving in England she is known to have served as a National School Mistress when she was living at High Street, Wye, Kent in 1851. She also served as the schoolmistress for the Highworth and Swindon Union. It is from the latter position that she was recruited to become the schoolmistress and Matron of Berse Drelincourt School in the autumn of 1859.

The Berse Drelincourt School was an orphanage cum school in Broughton just outside Wrexham. Devoted to the position, she remained unmarried for the whole of her life.

She won the praise of the community for her 28 years work at Berse Drelincourt. Her obituary in the Wrexham Advertiser said that,

“…She was always most patient, painstaking, and conscientious in the discharge of her duties in the schoolroom and no child ever came under her care who was not greatly benefited by it.  But, whilst ever faithful to her duties there, it was in the home that she shone the brightest. There her motherly care, and true Christian virtues ever surrounded the orphan children in her charge, with more than a mother’s love.”

Wrexham Advertiser

Catherine was buried at the Wrexham Cemetery on the 31st October 1887.  Her friends and scholars later erected her gravestone as a tribute to her work.

Wrexham Cemetery 26/03/2018
Wrexham Cemetery 26/03/2018

Researched by Wayne Piotr Cronin-Wojdat. Photographs by Graham Lloyd.

Grave ref: Wrexham Cemetery J-02329

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