GRIFFITHS, Isabella (1844 – 1913), A Draper’s Wife

Born 25 January 1844 in Dundee, to Duncan McTavish (a carpenter) and Euphemia Fernie (a teacher), Isabella McTavish was to become John Griffiths’ (1842 – 1905) second wife, after the death of Jessie, his first.

Records show an Isabella McTavish employed in 1871 as a cook to William Maxwell, Baronet & Landowner of Fairfield, Moffat, Dumfrieshire, and a possible hit for an Isabella McTavish employed as a housekeeper for Roger William Henry Palmer at Cefn Hall, Wrexham.

Marriage records of St Anne, Soho, Westminster, London show a marriage between Isabella McTavish and John Griffiths on 7 August 1883, with the records confirming Isabella’s father on record as being Duncan McTavish.

Isabella moved to Talbot Road, Wrexham with John, where she survived him, staying on at Talbot Road. One record in 1901 refers to a daughter, also called Isabella, who was aged 16. Her existence beyond that one documented entry is a complete mystery.

There are only two other records of Isabella’s life – one in 1911, indicating that she was living with an unmarried companion, Mary Dobie, who was born in Woodchurch and who was 46 at the time; and Isabella’s death on 20 January 1913.

Researched by Annette Edwards, with help from Judy Roberts of Chirk