James Arthur Mossford 1863 – 1926

by Wayne Piotr Cronin-Wojdat.

“To the dear memory of James Arthur the beloved husband of Maud A. Mossford…passed away Oct 1st 1926”

In the Wrexham Cemetery stands a tall and large stone gravestone with a ships anchor entwined around it. I am quite sure that many people have formed the opinion that this gravestone may belong to a seafarer, despite the grave being in landlocked Wrexham.

James Arthur Mossford had absolutely no links with seafaring. Instead he was a maker of grave monuments, a skill that he had likely obtained from his father, William Mossford, who also had the same occupation.

James was born in about 1863 in Crewe, Cheshire.  He died on the 1st October 1926, at the War Memorial Hospital, Wrexham and was buried at the Wrexham Cemetery on the 4th October 1926.

Throughout his adult life, James lived and traded from 30 Ruabon Road, Wrexham, very near to the main entrance of the Wrexham Cemetery. It is very likely that James may have carved many of the gravestones in the cemetery. He also passed on his skills to his son. The size of the monument may be an attempt to show the stone carving skills of his family, appropriate for a grave monument maker, and maybe even a marketing tool.

Wrexham Cemetery 10/06/2015
Wrexham Cemetery 10/06/2015
Wrexham Cemetery 21/03/2018
Wrexham Cemetery 21/03/2018
Wrexham Cemetery 21/03/2018

Researched by and 2015 photographs Wayne Piotr Cronin-Wojdat. 2018 photographs by Graham Lloyd.

Grave ref: Wrexham Cemetery E-01143

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