John STANT 1833-1916

John Stant was baptised3 March 1833 at Hanmer, he was the son of Thomas Stant and Mary Bennion. Thomas was a farmer in Bronington in 1841 but by 1851 they were in Abbot Street, and Thomas was now a publican.  John was with his grandparents Randle and Sarah Bennion in Hanmer, and in 1861 he is with his Uncle John Stant, a shoemaker who was deaf and dumb from birth and Aunt Anne Stant who are both unmarried. John was also a shoemaker. His parents had left Abbot Street and opened a grocer’s shop in Charles Street.

John went into business with his brother Walter but In February 1866 the partnership of “John and Walter Stant,” No. 5. Town Hill, Wrexham, as Grocers, Tea and Provision Dealers, was dissolved and John took over the business himself.

In 1867 John married Ann Roberts in the Great Boughton district, Ann was born in 1843 in Wrexham.  They went to live at 5 Town Hill where John was still running his business in 1871, their eldest son Thomas is 3 years old.  They remained there for over ten years at least, and by 1881 have another 6 children, John who was 2 years younger than Thomas and 5 younger daughters.

Ann Roberts portrait.

The family were at the “Bread Shop” at 4 Yorke Street by 1891, John was still a grocer, his eldest son John was a baker.

Late 1970s Yorke Street,Wrexham (Hayley Angel Paice-Wright).

Thomas had moved away by then and died in Leek, Staffordshire in January 1893, he was brought back to Wrexham to be buried. John and Ann stayed in 4 York Street until at least 1911, John now was employing staff to help with the business, his son John was still not married and was still at the bakery.

Stants the bakers were very well known in Wrexham and the business carried on for many years.

John snr died at 35 Talbot Road on 21 December 1916, he was 83. In his will he left effects of £1781 1s 6d, probate was granted to John his son who was a “retired baker” Ann died at the same address in February 1925, aged 81, and their eldest son John died very soon after in April 1925. They are all buried together.

Researched by Annette Edwards. December 2018. Gravestone photographs by Graham Lloyd. Grave ref: Wrexham Cemetery J-02392 & J-02393

Wrexham Cemetery 26/03/2018
Wrexham Cemetery 26/03/2018
Wrexham Cemetery 26/03/2018