Mary, Rhoda & Emma STOKES

MARY ANN STOKES buried 15 February 1898 aged 72

EMMA STOKES buried 18 July 1929 aged 71

RHODA STOKES buried 29 January 1940 aged 78

Mary Ann Hughes was born in Manchester about 1826, and it does look like her daughter Emma Stokes was illegitimate.

In 1861 John Stokes aged 45 is unmarried and with his mother Mary in Wrexham, but at the same time Mary Stokes aged 35, married, born Manchester, Emma Stokes aged 3 born Liverpool and John Stokes aged 1 born Liverpool are at 288 Mill Street, Toxteth. No husband is there.  There are five households at 288.

On 29 June 1862 John William Stokes was buried in Toxteth cemetery, he was aged 2 and his address was 286 Mill Street.

On 8 February 1863 at St Thomas, Toxteth, John Stokes bachelor – father John a brick layer   married Mary Ann Hughes spinster, father John Hughes a sawyer. Her abode is 286 Mill St.

Both signed the register.

John Stokes & Mary Hughes marriage

Witnesses to marriage John and Martha Hughes.

By 1871 John, Mary and the sisters are in Wrexham, Rhoda is with her parents and Emma is with her grandmother Mary Stokes and her uncle’s William and Edward,

John died on 10 January 1874 at 4 Wellington Road, and his death was announced in the Wrexham Advertiser. He made a will and left effects of under £100.

In 1881 Mary Ann is still at 4 Wellington Road, she is living on “income from rents”

and has a lodger – Thomas Youde, he is blind, a seller of periodical news (papers) and was born in Hanmer. Her daughters are with William and Edward. Emma is a housekeeper and Rhoda is a dressmaker’s apprentice.

Edward is receiving income from rents, so it looks like they owned properties in the town.

Edward died at 13 Penybryn on 1 February 1885, William and his nieces moved to 4 Percy Road, and then to 82 Erddig Terrace where he died 3 November 1903.

Mary Ann Stokes wasn`t found again until her burial which shows she died in Frodsham in 1898.

Rhoda and Emma moved to 86 Erddig Terrace, where they both had an income from private means, and remained there until their deaths.

Emma made a will, probate was granted to Rhoda, effects were £11664 5s 9d.

Rhoda died a wealthy woman, she made a will and left effects of £33456 1s 8d. Probate was granted to Alan John Christie –Stokes, who was a company director.

Wrexham Cemetery 16/05/2018

Researched by Annette Edwards. September 2018. Gravestone photograph by Graham Lloyd.

Grave ref: Wrexham Cemetery H-02209.